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Eltham Counselling and Psychotherapy is an established counselling and psychotherapy practice in Eltham, SE9 since 2014. We provide a thoughtful, empathic approach, helping many to resolve difficulties and overcome challenging times.

We can help with

Abandonment • Abuse • Anger • Anxiety • Bereavement • Crime (victims of crime) • Depression • Domestic violence • Isolation • IVF • Loss • Marriage • Menopause • Obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviours (OCD) • Perimenopause • Pregnancy (fertility, miscarriage, termination) • Redundancy and problems in the workplace • Relationship issues • Self-esteem • Sexual abuse and rape • Sexuality

We provide

Eltham Counselling and Psychotherapy will provide you with a calm, safe space in which to share your thoughts and feelings in confidence. You will be treated respectfully and thoughtfully. You will be listened to carefully and non-judgmentally.

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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. In talking with a professional and highly qualified counsellor you will have the opportunity to explore your present experiences, ways of behaving, how you relate to others and are treated in return.

Feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated and ‘stuck’ in the present often reflects something that remains unresolved in your past. This can make it difficult for you to grow as an individual and move forward in a way that is beneficial to your life. By gaining insight into the patterns of your relationships and behaviours, you may feel more able to face the challenges that life inevitably throws your way.

Often it feels overwhelming to unpick the past or make sense of the present. The empathy and support of your skilled counsellor at Eltham Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you to do this.

Abigail Lennol MA, MSc, MBACP

Abigail Lennol

My clinical training as a Psychotherapist took place at Guy’s Hospital in London where I practiced for ten years. I also work at a London university in the student counselling service, where I am responsible for the mentoring of students with disabilities and severe mental health issues.

In my work as an Organisational Consultant, I help institutions and organisations understand themselves from a psychoanalytic and systemic perspective. My knowledge and experience in this field is of particular benefit to individuals who are experiencing issues in the workplace or other group settings.

In my career I have worked in Child Protection and the safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults. I have also been involved with the charity Victim Support, helping and advising victims of crime.

I also write for various publications including the Journal of Psychodynamic Practice and online magazines such as Good to Know.


MSc (Distinction) Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling (Univ. of London).

MA and BA (Hons.) Kings College (Univ. of London).

Certificate (Distinction) Psychodynamic Counselling with Creative Writing (Univ. of London).

MBACP Accredited (Accredited Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

Why talk to a counsellor?

Sometimes it is not possible or appropriate to share your thoughts and feelings with friends or family. Being listened to by a non-judgmental skilled counsellor can be a liberating and helpful experience. Counselling and psychotherapy is your time and space to focus on whatever is troubling you. Your time with the counsellor is yours – and yours alone.

Making an appointment

To make an initial appointment please fill in the form or contact me on tel: 07866 480896.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.


Sessions last for 50 minutes, usually once weekly.

Eltham Counselling operates a sliding scale so you may pay less depending on your circumstances. This can be discussed in your initial consultation.

    How to get to Eltham Counselling

    Eltham Counselling and Psychotherapy is located on Westmount Road. There is free parking on the road as well as a disabled bay outside the property.

    The nearest rail link is Eltham and the nearest bus routes are the 161, 122 and B16. Eltham is in easy reach of Kidbrooke – Blackheath – Welling – New Eltham – Sidcup – Plumstead – Woolwich – Abbey Wood. And the A2 for those travelling from Kent.


    I saw Abigail on a regular basis during which time I have radically changed my life. Her support and advice played a large part in these changes. My weekly chats with her helped to isolate issues that were severely blocking my development as a person and I can’t thank her enough for her help.

    At all times she is professional, non-judgemental and speaks clearly and to the point. This means that even during hard sessions I always left with something to think about and ways in which to frame things that really helped me progress in therapy and life.

    I came to Abigail at a very difficult time in my life when lots of things, among them bereavement and family illness, felt overwhelming. Having tried to cope for long time it had all just got too much and I decided to look for someone I could talk to who could help unlock the anxiety, guilt and fear that had taken over my life. I wanted to speak to someone who was exceptionally well qualified, professional, experienced, intellectual and kind. Abigail is all of those things and more. She has been absolutely essential in helping me get back to feeling healthy and happy. She always provides me with insight, perspective and a safe space just to talk through anything and everything that’s troubling me.

    My psychotherapy with Abigail began when I was going through a very challenging period in my life, and lasted two years. I was permitted the space to speak freely and was listened to carefully and without judgement. Therapy is completely confidential and I felt safe and supported. Over time, I gained more clarity and insight towards my life experiences and relationships. I grew enormously with Abigail’s support, and now feel better able to face life’s inevitable challenges with resiliency and creativity.

    I was not new to therapy and had previously had some CBT via my GP. It was okay but it became clear that it had not addressed the deeper reasons for my anxiety. This is when I contacted Abigail at Eltham counselling and psychotherapy. In a few weeks my panic attacks had got a lot better and I started to feel just generally calmer and less anxious. With Abigail’s help and guidance I explored why I had panic attacks in the first place. Things started to make sense to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eltham counselling and psychotherapy.

    I was very nervous about doing counselling at first, but Abigail put me at my ease and I found her very easy to open up to. I would recommend Eltham counselling and psychotherapy.